Melissa has been writing for over twenty years. Having completed numerous writing courses and read a plethora of books on the subject, she is well-versed in the craft of creative writing. In the ten years she has been published, she's had nearly 80 original titles released and continues to add to this collection.

A trained teacher, Melissa has been working in schools as well as running writing courses during the holidays. If you would like to learn from her vast experience, then she is starting to run online courses for both adults and teens in these areas.

Learn how to design worlds and create characters readers can relate to, learn how to structure a story that will make your book impossible to put down, learn tips and tricks about writing and editing. By the time you're done, you'll have a novel ready to pitch to an agent or publishing house... or publish yourself. And if you're interested in the world of self-publishing, then Melissa is happy to teach you all she has picked up over her years in the business.

Check out the online course and coaching options below...

online writing course

For just $24/month (NZD), you can sign up via Patreon to access these engaging lessons. Two new teaching videos are posted every month along with tasks to help you work toward completing your book. Plus, if you join the interactive class, every other week, Melissa hosts live Q & A sessions so you can ask her any questions about writing. 

There's even an intensive course which will allow you monthly one-on-one coaching sessions where you can discuss your current story in-depth. 


"I now know how to plan and structure my story. I have also developed the storyline where as before I barely had a plot. This was very useful." Bianca, Grow Your Story workshop student

"Everything section was helpful. I had no idea how to write a book and now I know what to do." Grow Your Story workshop student

"I've always wanted to write a story and now I have the knowledge and tools to do so. I love how clear it is. Everything is broken down well and it's simple to understand." Mia, Grow Your Story workshop student

Check out the course curriculum here. 

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coaching sessions

Purchase one-off coaching sessions and manuscript reviews, which will allow you to discuss your story in-depth. Talk about character development, story structure, editing tricks and much more. With Melissa's help, you can make your work shine bright and be as ready as it can be for a publishing. 


$150 - One Hour Coaching session
$250 - One hour + 5 chapter review
$300 - 3 x One Hour Coaching Session
$500 - 3 x One hour + 15 chapter review

$750 - Full manuscript review with detailed feedback - written & discussed. (Limit of ONE per month.)

"I purchased the one hour plus synopsis and five chapters’ review package from Melissa.  I found the one hour face-to-face session very positive and encouraging. Throughout the session Melissa made notes giving honest feedback and providing pathways forward to achieving my writing goals. Melissa freely shared knowledge and resources to support success on my writing journey. At the end of the session Melissa gave me the notes pages and shared my writing to date having reviewed it online with comments to extend the narrative. This time was money well spent. Thank you Melissa." - Therese Cargo

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