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The spin-off series for the O'Sullivan Sisters has now begun...

The King family are restoring the old family inn while battling against their rich rivals—the Spencers. Set in small town Montana, this series is filled with sweet romance, family drama and a rivalry that spans a century. When long-buried secrets are unearthed, will the divide between these two families be made even bigger or can a forbidden love create the ultimate healing?

★★★★★ “Such a great start to this spin-off series! I loved all of the O'Sullivan sisters books, and this just keeps you in that world and expands on it so well.” Kristin

★★★★ “Small towns and big families are what this author does best.” Jennifer G.


The O'Sullivan Sisters

The only way to keep her safe is to make everyone think she’s his...

Inheriting the ranch in Montana after her estranged father’s death is a surprise, but finding out she’s one of seven daughters is the real shock. And now Emma has to track them all down in order to sell? Oh yeah, this short trip to the middle of nowhere just got a whole lot more complicated. At least the foreman of the property is kind enough to make her feel welcome. Nash might be a gruff, stoic cowboy, but when he agrees to give her a taste of country living and introduce her to the lovely people of small-town Aspire, she’s done for. This cowboy is so sweet and handsome, he’s almost too good to be true…
 His father is after her land... 
Nash doesn’t know what to expect from the city girl who’s just inherited his ranch. But it definitely isn’t Emma. He knows what his family wants—her land. And he knows he should be doing whatever it takes to get her to sell. But one look at the way she lights up beneath the big sky and all he can think about is how to protect her from his father’s ambitious determination. Convincing his family and the town that she’s his girlfriend is a temporary fix. Until his heart gets involved. And then all bets are off. Because family is complicated, but love? Love is everything. 
“This story is everything that a wholesome love story should be.” Kelly McCurdy, USA

This city girl knows nothing about kids. She knows even less about cowboys. But when a single dad and royal pain needs help at home, this fashion diva is the only woman for the job.

It wasn't like Lizzy wanted to wind up on the O'Sullivan ranch, heartbroken and betrayed. She certainly never planned on staying as long as she did, and her fashion job back in Chicago didn’t either. Which is why she's no longer just a jilted bride, but an unemployed one too. But what does it matter? Everyone in the small town of Aspire already thinks she's pathetic, and the hottie cowboy with the teasing taunts and sexy smirk makes it abundantly clear that her presence on the ranch is just a nuisance. Unless, of course, he's kissing her senseless... 

Kit didn’t mean to kiss the prissy Gucci girl, but impulse took over and now he can’t stop thinking about her. But this attraction is the last thing he needs. Being a single dad to twin five-year-olds is no picnic, but his already hectic life gets a million times more chaotic when his built-in support system sets sail on a cruise. Oh yeah, he also needs to find a new home for his family, all while working full-time and trying not to notice his boss's gorgeous new houseguest. But when things get desperate and the only solution comes in the form of this leggy blonde, he has no choice but to accept her help—even though he knows he's diving headfirst into danger. Experience has taught him that women like Lizzy don't stay in Aspire. Definitely not for cowboys like him. And this time it's not just his heart on the line.

This kind country doctor might be able to treat Rose's health, but can he mend her injured heart?

Dex might be young for a doctor, but the small town of Aspire trusts him with their lives. It's an honor and a privilege to care for his community, even if his successful siblings and parents think he's nuts for choosing a tiny clinic in the mountains of Montana over a bustling emergency room in the big city.

Despite the town's overabundance of nosy neighbors who'd love to find a match for the handsome, eligible doctor, he's always put his reputation as a professional first. Dr. Dex is careful to keep a professional distance from his female patients. Until now. Until Rose...

Alone and on the run from a past best left behind, Rose is sure she's made a mistake coming to Aspire. Showing up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere to live with two half sisters she’s never even met before? Yeah, Rose has definitely lost her marbles…along with the contents of her stomach.

Her illness has her newfound family worried, but one visit with the town's charming, kindhearted young doctor, and Rose knows it's not just her life at stake… it’s her heart

What will it take to crack the city girl's armor? This gruff mountain man is about to find out...

Dahlia O'Sullivan's trip to the small town of Aspire was never supposed to last this long. She should be back to her real life in New York City, not trapped on a ranch with the newfound sisters who call her 'the dragon' when they think she can't hear. Not that Dahlia cares what they think. She doesn't. The sooner she can convince them to sell this property, the sooner she can forget all about her half-sisters, and the ranch, and the irritatingly handsome ranch hand who refuses to be scared off by her bad mood.

JJ is the only person in all of Aspire who's not afraid of Dahlia, and that's annoying. It's also...kind of nice. He might not talk much, but sometimes it's what JJ doesn't say that hits her the hardest. Like the way he listens. And the way he smiles when she's acting a little nuts. Or the way he seems so certain that she's got a big heart buried beneath all those defensive layers. He's wrong, of course. Dahlia's not sweet and kind like her little sister. And she's certainly not cut out for romance or love.

But JJ disagrees. So when a blizzard hits and the mountain man is trapped alone in a cabin with the fiery city slicker, he means to make her see the truth. That she's so much more than she knows. That she belongs right where she is—in Aspire...and in his arms.

He’s a small-town sheriff who likes to follow the rules. She’s a wayward singer who lives by the seat of her pants. But a broken taillight is about to bring them together and their lives will never be the same again…

A single father to the three kids, plus Aspire’s lawman, Levi Baker knows the only way to survive is to live by the rules and have a strict routine. There’s no time for fun when he’s trying to keep his community and beloved family safe. He gave up fun the day his wife died and he’s not about to get distracted by the ball of blonde sunshine who just burst into his life… or is he?

Daisy never planned on coming to Aspire, but when the record deal she thought was in the bag fell through and the band she trusted completely betrayed her, she fled to be with her sisters. She just needs some money—okay, a lot of money—to pay back the huge amounts of debt she racked up supporting the band while they toured the country. She’ll lay low, earn some cash and then be on her way. But life has other plans…

Daisy never meant to get pulled over by the gruff sheriff, but something about him tugged at her heartstrings. And then she met his kids. Forming a quick attachment with his surly thirteen-year-old daughter, Daisy soon finds herself drawn into the Baker’s home.

In spite of his attempts to resist her, Levi’s dark clouds are burned away by Daisy’s sunlight and her inability to stay-put is tested to the limits as she falls hard and fast for this single father and his adorable family.

But buried hurts and Daisy’s secrets can’t stay hidden forever and when rules are broken, this unlikely couple are put to the ultimate test...

Can a feisty loner teach this cowboy what it means to find home?

Sierra O'Sullivan never got anything from her father when he was alive, and considering she wasn't even told he was dead, she doesn't have any expectations there either. So imagine her surprise when it turns out her deadbeat dad left her a ranch in Montana. Well, he left it to her . . . and the six sisters she never even knew she had. But her father's attempt to make peace with his firstborn is too little too late. She has a life, and a future, and there's no room left for a family that never wanted her.

The only saving grace in this blink-and-you'd-miss-it town of Aspire is the hottie ranch hand with the killer smile. His easy humor and laidback charm make it hard to remember that this is just a pit stop. And his kisses . . . they could make even a jaded drifter dream of happily ever afters.

The eldest O'Sullivan sister is shrouded in mystery to everyone in Aspire . . . except Cody Swanson—everyone's favorite, dependable cowboy. He met the feisty redhead before anyone knew she was the long, lost daughter they'd been searching for, and that meeting wasn't one he'll forget anytime soon. Like a burst of fireworks, Sierra comes into his life with passion and intensity. But more than that, she brings questions. Like, does he really want to be tied to a ranch for the rest of his life? For a guy who's spent every day as a devoted brother, son and uncle, the question isn't so simple. But every time he holds the outcast O'Sullivan sister in his arms, he can't help but feel like he's found the answer.

As tensions rise on the O’Sullivan ranch, Cody finds himself caught between two worlds—the one he’s always known and the one that sets his heart on fire…


When the place you called home is the last place you want to be...

April O'Sullivan is on the run. The youngest sister in the O'Sullivan clan doesn't know where home is anymore, but it's definitely not with the six half-sisters she never knew existed until just before her father passed away. But now, grieving for the life she lost, she's desperate for answers, and she's not going back to her father's ranch until she finds them.

There's only one problem. April's new family has sent someone to fetch her. And that someone was the bane of her existence in high school. Boone Donahue probably didn't even remember the artsy geek he'd gone to school with, but April can't forget the cocky, big shot quarterback with the charming grin and the Greek god bod. He's the kinda guy who always gets his way—because who could say no to a charmer like Boone? Well, April can. And she will. There's no way she's going to let Boone drag her back to the ranch before she's good and ready. So if that means he's tagging along while she uncovers her family's dirty secrets, so be it.

But when Boone's famous charm makes her smile when she's at her lowest, and when those broad shoulders are there for her to cry on, it's easy to forget that he's an unwanted reminder of home. In fact, some days it starts to feel like maybe....Boone is her home.

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Sophia Quinn is the pen-name of writing buddies Maggie Dallen and Melissa Pearl Guyan (Forever Love Publishing Ltd). Between them, they have been writing romance for 10 years and have published over 200 novels. They are having so much fun writing sweet small-town romance together and can't wait for you to escape to the country town of Aspire, Montana, where you will find big feels, handsome cowboys and romance that will capture your heart.


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