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If you're a fan of sweet, small-town romance with lovable characters and heart-warming romance, then you might want to try Sophia Quinn. Her debut series - The O'Sullivan Sisters is set in the fictional town of Aspire, Montana, these stories follow the lives of seven city girls finding their hearts in the last place they ever thought they would... in the arms of country cowboys. FIND OUT MORE

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Best-selling author, Jordan Ford, writes high school and college romance with relatable characters, strong friendships, family trials and unlikely couples who discover love in the midst of tragedy and danger. If you're a fan of heartfelt romance, loyal friendships, thrilling drama and characters you can fall in love with, then check out JORDAN FORD'S WEBSITE.  

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The Barrett Boys have had a makeover. Buy the boxset and save 50% on this thrilling romantic suspense series...


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Melody Sweet is the master of character journeys as she dives into the nuances of love and how it can break, heal, restore, entertain and enrich our lives. If you enjoy stories that take you on an emotional journey, then check out more of her work HERE

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The Haven Hallways series is a fun, flirty romp through an elite prep school. Follow the teachers and their love lives in these sweet romcoms that will make your heart happy. 

★★★★★ "This book made my heart happy." - Meg Reads ebooks review for Just A Little Fake Romance

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Melissa Pearl is a romance author writing in a variety of genres from teen paranormal romance to small-town romantic suspense. She’s passionate about telling adventure-filled love stories with relatable characters who will take you on a journey. 

If you’re after an escape from reality, then check out her WEBSITE.

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