Melissa has been writing for over twenty years. Having completed numerous writing courses and read a plethora of books on the subject, she is well-versed in the craft of creative writing. In the ten years she has been published, she's had nearly 80 original titles released and continues to add to this collection.

Having outlined and edited numerous stories, she has vast experience in helping authors turn their first drafts into books that readers will love. She's also an expert in helping writers map out their stories for the greatest success.

Check below for the ways she can help you in your writing journey...

editing services

If you've completed your first draft and you would like:

  • A structural edit - comments and suggestions for how to improve character arcs, story structure, tone and pacing

  • Plus a copy-edit - suggestions for wording, plus spelling and grammatical corrections

then Melissa would love to help you.

She charges $0.02 (USD) per word.

If you'd like to use this service, please email:

"By pure chance I was fortunate enough to enjoy the excellent editing and story assessing services of Melissa Guyan.  She was incredible throughout the complete process. During the story and plot structure assessment she challenged my thinking and helped improve my story beyond expectation. Her life-long career as an awarding winning author with over 86 novels under her belt, makes her outstanding at seeing where plot, character and story-line can be improved. Similarly, her editing skills were incredible and again, she made suggestions and pushed me to deliver the best I could. She has a passion for writing and can see the manuscript from a reader’s PoV. Her attention to detail and pointing our inconsistencies is legendary.  I will definitely be using her talent, experience and world class skills for my next masterpiece! It was a privilege working with Melissa and with the added bonus of learning so much to improve my overall writing skills."
N. F. Webber, Author of The Foster Mother

outlining services

If you have some great characters and a few scene ideas you'd like to build into a full story, then Melissa is able to provide you with detailed character profiles as well as a chapter-by-chapter outline. 

Cost of services vary depending on the length of book you are hoping to produce. As a ballpark... a 20 - 25 chapter book will cost $500 (USD).

If you'd like to use this service, please email:

"Melissa is a genius when it comes to outlining and editing. She's a true professional when it comes story structure and character development. The thought and depth she brings to each outline is truly awe inspiring to me. I have worked with her on several projects and have always been happy with the results."
Maggie Dallen, Best-selling author


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