school visits

Before pursuing her writing career, Melissa was a full-time intermediate school teacher, so has experience interacting with young teens. She's also spoken at several high schools around the country, plus done radio interviews and spoken to writers' groups.

She can talk about writing, publishing, or some of the themes in her books like self-love, self-confidence and what healthy relationships should look like. Her characters all go on journeys of self-discovery and many lessons can be learned from what they experience.

If you'd like her to talk to literacy classes or book clubs, however you can best use her knowledge and experience, then please contact her by email:

A small visiting fee applies:

-        $100 for a one-hour visit

-        $250 for a half-day visit

-        $400 for a full-day visit

(Read NZ members can apply for a subsidy.)

school holiday writing program

In the July school holidays, Melissa ran a very successful course for budding writers with a great story idea that that they weren't sure what to do with. It went so well, she is going to run another one.

The Grow Your Story course will cover how to construct a story from initial concept through to complete manuscript. Melissa will touch on story elements such as: character development, world building, story structure, writing tips, editing tips and how to format a book for people to read. 

The course will be run in Hamilton, New Zealand:

Rototuna High Schools Library - Look out for new courses coming in 2022

Click here for all the details and to register your interest


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