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A new romantic comedy series is here....

A little white lie to solve one problem is about to snowball out of control…

When party girl Lauren finds herself in bucket loads of debt and having to return home to live with her controlling brother, she thinks life can't get any worse.
She's wrong.
Her brother is living with the world's biggest irritation—his best friend, Jack—the tower of muscle who loves to tease her.

Desperate to pay off her debts, she spruces up her résumé, turning herself into the world's best teacher in the hopes of finding a job fast.
It works! She's invited to substitute at the elite Haven Academy… as a dance teacher. Whoops. Maybe she shouldn't have made herself sound so accomplished, but what's one little white lie, right?

She quickly figures out that a class of reluctant students are not about to dance one step for a fraud. She needs to come up with the right moves to win them over and get them working as a team. And who better to help her than champion dancer, Jack.

But will Jack be willing to show her some moves?
Or will teaching his hot little roommate be too much for him to handle?
She wasn’t supposed to grow up into a gorgeous woman… just like he’s not supposed to break any kind of bro code like: never fall in love with your best friend’s little sister…

This single father swore off women after his wife left him, but a sweet librarian with a crush and a little fake romance is about to change everything…

High school librarian, April, has been crushing on the new caretaker since he walked into the building. Tall, roguishly handsome and with a Scottish accent that can curl her toes, April is one smitten-kitten. But she would never have the courage to tell him so. Not intentionally anyway…

While on a call to her overbearing mother, April decides to invent a boyfriend, just to avoid yet another line of “why aren’t you dating?” questions. She describes Angus in all his rugged glory and is mortified to turn around and see that he’s heard the whole thing.

Angus couldn’t believe his ears when the librarian started talking about him like they were dating. What is she up to? He should be furious with her, but maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Being a divorced dad makes him prey to all the hawk-like single ladies at his daughter’s school. Maybe a fake girlfriend will be the answer to all of his problems.

But as these colleagues enter into their cunning ruse, how long will it take them to realize that the only people they’re conning are themselves? And can they find the courage to stick to their plan when the feels turn real?

They’ve been best friends and roommates for years, so when she asks for his help in scoring a new boyfriend, this cinnamon roll BFF will have to find a way to show her he’s the man for the job…

Quiet, unassuming PE Teacher, Ezra, has secretly loved Lina since the day they moved in together. Not wanting to risk destroying their perfect friendship, he’s kept his feelings hidden, hoping that one day things might naturally unfold between them. But then she sets her eyes on one of his friends and, even worse, asks for his help in winning the guy over…

Art teacher, Lina, is a romantic who has spent most of her life fighting her natural tomboy tendencies. Raised in a house full of boys, she’s not well versed in the art of seduction, even though she tries to pretend she is, so when she falls instantly in love with one of Ezra’s friends, she’s desperate for things to go smoothly.

But much to her disappointment, Ezra seems reluctant to help her. As tensions rise between them, Lina is forced to decide if she’s going to fight for the fairytale ending she’s always wanted or give up a friendship that makes her heart feel complete.

On the cusp of losing something so precious to both of them, will Ezra find the right words to tell her how he truly feels? And if he does… will Lina realize that true love doesn’t always come wrapped in pretty bows and red roses?


When the larger-than-life drama teacher gets trapped overnight with her strait-laced enemy, she’s sure she’s entered the bowels of hell. But this uptight man has a few surprises up his sleeve…

Birdie Bandini loves most people. But not Nigel Rothman. His blistering personality and grumpy frown always rubs her up the wrong way. If anyone can send her to the point of insanity, it’s him. Which is why getting stuck with him on the eve of her precious school production is a living nightmare. 

Nigel has never been good with people, so working in a busy school is probably the worst vocation possible, but he made a vow to his dying wife and he refuses to let her down. He also refuses to be lured into a new romance by the stunning drama teacher. Thankfully, he’s managed to hide his overpowering attraction with his surly behavior, but when he’s stuck overnight with the stressed-out woman, he can’t help but let his softer side show.

One night together will change everything between them and these enemies will now have to figure out if what happened in that storage closet was a one-time thing or the start of something new…


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