A list of tropes to start you off with...

Here are some common contemporary and romantic comedy tropes:
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Friends to lovers
  • Fake dating
  • Falling for brother's best friend
  • Single dad romance
  • Opposites attract 
  • Work place romance
  • Stuck together
  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Good girl / bad boy
  • Love triangles
  • Second chance romance
Here are some common tropes you'll see in non-romance genres:
  • The chosen one - like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker
  • The broken hero who goes on to do amazing things
  • The villain disguised as a hero
  • The lone wolf looks after a child or young sidekick - that can be like the grumpy/sunshine trope
  • The villain who becomes the good guy - anti-hero
  • The bad guy's kid who redeems him or herself
  • Time travel is always a fun trope to play with
  • Kick-ass heroine
  • Bad girl finds redemption
  • Bad boy finds redemption
  • The protective father-figure who would do anything for the ones he loves
  • The mama bear who will fight for her cubs

a list of universal fantasies to start you off with...

  • Being forced to move somewhere out of your comfort zone
  • The mystery location and mysterious past. Where are they going? Where have they come from?
  • The bully/bad boy/cool guy notices you in spite of the fact you feel like a nobody
  • He changes for her - this is the bad boy redemption story
  • A fixer upper - a character who just needs a little work, and when the right people or person comes into  his/her life they start to change for the better… that ties in beautifully with the grumpy/sunshine trope or the trope where the tough hero is stuck looking after a kid who softens him up. 
  • Or this fixer upper could be a project - like a rundown house that needs renovations or a company that's in dire straits and your character is going to come in there like a whirlwind and save the day. 
  • Wounded main character needs healing and tender care
  • Loved one in danger
  • Protecting his woman
  • The makeover
  • Family reunited
  • Cozy small town
  • Disarming the bomb
  • Doing the right thing
  • Sacrificing everything for love
  • Getting what you've always dreamed of

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