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He’s on the hunt for a fresh start. She’s trapped in a nightmare she can’t escape. Can love help them make a break for freedom?

The money was supposed to save me...until it got me shot. You don’t steal from Marlo Sloan.
But it led me to her.

Annie’s kind. She’s fierce. She’s making me want to be the man my grandpa believed I could be. A Barrett - strong, dependable. A hero.

Danger is coming. It’s inevitable.
I should split before it catches up with me.
But how can I leave Annie and her little brother with their psycho father?

I want to steal her away from this nightmare. Take her to the ranch where I know she’d be safe. But I’m a runaway thief, and the ranch is no doubt a desolate wreck.
She deserves better than that.
I have to tell her the truth. Which means she’ll never look at me the same again. I could lose her over this, when all I want to do is keep her safe.

Grandpa always said, “Barrett boys do the right thing. They don’t cut and run. They stand. They fight to protect the ones they love.”
I was raised to be a Barrett boy.
It’s time I start acting like one.

The Runaway is the first book in a thrilling YA romance series. If you like fast-paced action, redeemable bad boys and romance that will steal your heart, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s compelling novel.


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